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Shelby and I saw the Power Performance last year…it was AWESOME! We highly recommend this to anyone considering it!
Sherry Stanley,
There are almost no words for what this experience has been, but I’ll try to find some: Sublime. Transforming. Gentle. Demanding. Liberating. Fun. Astonishing. Deep. Soulful. Expressive. Challenging. Joyous. Healing. Exciting. Forgiving. Empowering. Accepting. Togetherness. Individual expression. Taking those unnecessary blinders off that the world has slapped on your head and around your heart and letting the body, mind and soul become one. Finally.
Carla White, Dancer
It is so very hard to narrow this down because I could say so much about what dancing with Kinetic Energy has done for me and how it has affected every aspect of my life in amazing, positive ways. What stands out the most is my memory from when I saw Kea’s show, I already loved dance and I just knew I had to be, and would be, a part of it the very next year. To dance is one of my favorite things to do, to dance with a purpose, a greater purpose than myself, is a dream come true.
Michele Fink, Dancer
“Thank you for producing a fantastic show. There is no doubt…everyone who attended felt the same. The overall energy was electrifying…thanks to you and your special students.”
George Muller
Kea brought her usual energetic self to our Physical Education classes over Halloween. Our 5th thru 8th graders had a blast learning Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Her energy is absorbed by the students. Even the students who were not comfortable dancing were participating with smiles. Her positive messages about self image and finding your passion are a big part of her teaching method. I would highly recommend her message and program in any school setting. Many thanks Kea for volunteering to come into our classes!

Matt Brown
Physical Education Teacher
Camden-Rockport Middle School

Matt Brown, Camden-Rockport Middle School
“Hey Kea! I don’t know if you remember me but I took your hip hop dancing class at Rockland middle school probably four years ago. I’m writing because I just listened to the broadcast you put out a few months ago on WRFR and was remembering that class. I remember all of the energy you had and how it rubbed off onto us. There was just something about you that was different but it was good. I also remember you talking about loving yourself, waking up every morning, looking yourself and the mirror and just saying “I love you”. I didn’t understand it as well when i was younger but now that I find myself chasing my own dreams and that affirming positive things like this is extremely helpful. I just want to say that you are an inspiration and now I understand why you gave off such a positive vibe… And also my friend James Nguyen has been into dance ever since that hip hop dance class! You were an inspiration to him as well! Good luck in your journey and keep chasing your dreams! People like yourself make the world a great place to live!”
-Hunter Grindle, October 2013
Hunter Grindle