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Work that awesome body, get in the best shape of your life, gain more energy and feel sexy again!
Teacher’s suggestion: Try our DanceFit Series or Adult Drop in classes!
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YOU’RE A TREND SETTER. You’re what’s happening, you’re fresh and fun and you’re gonna show them all how cool you really are! Teacher’s Suggestion: Contemporary & Hip Hop
Theres more to you than just the handyman, the chauffeur and the cook. You can GET DOWN and BUST OUT and show WHAT YOU’VE GOT!
YOU’VE TRAINED HARDYou’ve seen the results, you’ve reached your goals and you’re a MACHINE. Let’s take what you’ve created and make magic through the movement of dance, up your routine and sculpt yourself into art! Let’s go beyond what you thought possible and excel to NEW LEVELS.
YOU’RE GENTLE, YOU HAVE RHYTHM, you have flow and you’re creative. You want to move and stretch and feel the flow of dance, free of fear and in a safe environment. You want to feel strong and vibrant nad let your inner joy be revealed!

What is Power Performance?

A customized, choreographed dance piece that explores personal power limitations and how they hold you back in life. Through this guided dance training, we express and overcome these limitations to build confidence and self-acceptance. The program is complete when the dancer tells his/her story on stage,



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Shelby and I saw the Power Performance last year…it was AWESOME! We highly recommend this to anyone considering it!
Sherry Stanley, DivineLife.me