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Registration Days: Wednesday, August 29th, Thursday September 6th and Sunday September 9th from 4:00 – 6:00pm at the studio!

To sign up for classes online for Session I: September 10th – October 27th (7 weeks), click on the desired class below, then click on “Sign Up Here” button and it will take you directly to our online store.

NOTE:  Our multi-class per week package discounts and our performance package discounts must be purchased at the dance studio, not online.  If you are planning to sign up for more than one class for this session, please do so on our Registration Days noted above.  Thank you and HAPPY FALL DANCE TIME!

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Teens/Adult Humphrey/Limon Intermediate Modern Technique: Saturday

Humphrey/Limon is a classical modern dance technique based primarily on the principle of fall and recovery. This class will advance from week to week as foundation elements are practiced and built upon. Each class will start with a regular warm-up, and work through a progression of technique exercises and choreographed combinations. Ages: 12 and [...]


Teen/Adult Intermediate Contemporary: Thursday

Class Description: All dancers, regardless of age or experience, will join this full-cast contemporary class and learn an incredible routine which fuses the best of Kea’s experiences with contemporary super stars from New York, ballet experts and the hip hop contemporary fusion Kea learned in Germany. This class offers rigorous training and physical conditioning [...]


Teen/Adult Ballet Level I & II: Tuesdays & Thursdays

With beginning levels of classical ballet training which starts at the barre, we focus on body placement, muscle memory and professional alignment.  This will allow our teen and adult dancers to form classical lines throughout any dance technique or genre.  A full hour and a half class is not complete with out center work [...]


Teen Int/Adv Hip Hop/Street Jazz/Jazz Funk: Thursday

This is a very advanced class and students must have taken at least two years of hip hop with Kea.  It has many elements to the choreography and is solely focused on performance choreography and creation.  Dancers work on old school and new school styles of hip hop to combine and make intricate and [...]


Teen Beg/Adv Beg Contemporary: Monday

This is a slow paced, basic instructional class for all dancers wishing to learn contemporary dance.  We focus on teaching a general technical foundation comprised of ballet and modern techniques, supporting their contemporary dancing.  The emphasis is giving each student the basic foundation of technical ability and vocabulary so they can become confident in [...]


Kids Intermediate Hip Hop: Tuesday

This Intermediate Hip Hop class for Kids is for students who have been training with Kea for over a year.  This class offers more challenging and intricate choreography while still maintain it's focus on foundation of old school hip hop technique and new school style Street Jazz/Jazz Funk flow. Ages (9-11) Instructor: Kea Tesseyman [...]


Kids Contemporary: Advanced Beginner: Monday

A gentle yet empowering class for girls and boys ages 7-11.  Learn the basics of contemporary form through technique, body awareness and exercises and fun choreography that allows the students to move and flow while building strength and body awareness, along with a foundation of technique and skill! We recommend students take Kids Beginner [...]


Kids Beginner/Adv Beg Hip Hop: Tuesday

Class Description: This is the class to take if you are new or coming back after only 6 months of dancing during the previous year. This class offers the important building blocks of hip hop dance, including the old school and new school styles and fundamentals, and proper instruction on “how” to get the [...]


Kids Beginner Modern: Saturday

In this Kid's Modern Class, they are taught the basics of Humphrey/Limon Technique.  While working on form and balance, dancers improve their lines and technical ability while building strength and flowing with one another. Humphrey/Limon is a classical modern dance technique based primarily on the principle of fall and recovery. This class will advance [...]


Conditioning, Alignment & Flexibility: Wednesday

This class is designed to get you into your body and understand which muscles you need for specific dance moves and technique.  A better understanding of your physique allows you to push yourself to greater limits in dance, protect your body, dance safely, and clean up your moves with precision, power and poise.  EVERYONE is [...]


All Levels Improvisational Dance Class: Wednesdays

Improvisation: Movement Exploration It's time to play! In this open level class we will experiment with a wide variety of playful movement activities and loosely structured improvisational exercises to help broaden creative expression both individually as well as with partners and groups. We will also explore simple and fun techniques for building choreography. The [...]


All Levels Contemporary Floor Work: Tuesday

Inspired by some of the best, current contemporary teachers today, this class has new and innovative ways to defy basic levels and connect with the floor.  Choreography incorporating such movements adds such a new layer of texture to dancers and the pieces.  Safety release technique is used (falling safely to the floor from different [...]