About now, you have probably made it to the beach many times, taken your family on that trip they’ve been begging you for for months, driven kids back and forth to camps or been driven to and from your own prime destination this summer.  Each day you wake up and before you touch your feet to the ground, you say “Today has to be amazing!  What can I do today to make this summer amazing?!” With secret promises to yourself, you head to the lou and brush your teeth, check your schedule to remind yourself of your work, appointments, client’s needs, and the errands you forgot to run yesterday that are now added to your “to-do” list today.

“No biggie”, you say to yourself, cause today will be different – you promise yourself.

Now after getting breakfast ready for you and the crew (kids, loved ones, spouse or yourself) your look at the clock and your relaxed morning has now put you behind the clock and the sun is already making it’s way into the sky. Rush time.

Despite your ability to swiftly accomplish your errands to the bank and the post office, stop by the market for the new ingredients you need, or maybe grab a smoothie down town as you rush past your afternoon snack time, the rest of the world seems to have made a secret deal to keep you from accomplishing your tasks stress free and in a timely fashion.  Tourism hits the down town area like never before, random people walk aimlessly into the street from between cars to snap a “selfie” of the harbor behind them and then are oblivious to their near-death experience as you kindly swerve your vehicle to make sure their life is preserved.  And have you checked in with yourself about the promises you made today? Probably not cause there hasn’t been any time to deliver them, right?

Well there is only one point – and it’s this.  What do you do all of this preparation and maintenance for?  To enjoy your life, right? To provide for you family and to feel like you are benefiting from your labors at work and then not feel guilty about treating yourself to a little time off.  It’s summer right?  Everyone deserves some time off.

Well, here’s what I haven’t mentioned.  Just the few hours of stress your body undergoes to maintain the above nonsense of just trying to get to the grocery store, has now created such an army of cortisol and other chemicals in your body that bring you into a state of fatigue, cravings, exhaustion and lack of clarity, that your chances at feeling calm and serene right about now, are most likely slim.  I’m not trying to be a downer, but to get to the shining gem that can change how you feel, you need to look at the facts in your life that excel and propel you to change.

How can anyone resist the big ice cream at the end of the day no matter how many hours they’ve been putting in in the gym to feel confident in their swim gear?  It’s insane to think that living life on life’s terms is easy and totally manageable.  Because it’s not.  It’s not supposed to be.  Because if life were easy and totally a breeze every step of the way, would we ever truly feel like we were accomplishing anything?  We wouldn’t be tested – then tested again at our patience, like when our kids are oblivious to your head ache and yelling in the back seat about the “wicked-cool-flip they did at camp”, or when a spouse really needs support and tenderness and you feel the branded sign on your fore head visibly states – “I need a massage and silence please”.  How do you find the will to continue to give.  And the forgiveness for yourself when you can’t give any more and it’s just time to receive.  How can you ask for what you need if you tell yourself daily “I must not be worth cause look how much I struggle at simple tasks?”

And the answer?   Well I don’t have one promised solution, cause that’s plain crazy talk to think that I could solve your problems.  But what I have is experience, strength and hope.  And today, my experience, the same and more from all of the examples listed above, has been to remember who you are, your dreams and your value.  Then, ask for help.  When you ask for help on a task, something small, or something large, like a day of child care or helping you get groceries, you give someone else an opportunity to look inside themselves and serve the greater good of our society.

So just for today:  Follow these steps and fill in the blanks –> 1) Who I am:___________________ 2) What are my dreams:____________________ 3) What is my value:___________________

Then let go.  Ask for help and let go of the outcome.  Then, if you feel you want to bring your commitment to your health and wellbeing even deeper into your body, come to my dance class tonight or our fitness classes in the morning.  Is one of your dreams ot be a dancer but you’ve never stepped forward and done it?  Pick up the phone right now and call our number on the contact page.  Make your dreams happen right now – the only thing holding you back is fear.