Project Description

Horton Inspired is a class that offers the basics and introduction to Lester Horton Technique.  Kinetic Energy Alive Dance offered a version of this class a few years ago, and now they are bringing it back this Spring, freshly inspired by recent trainings in New York City with the best of the best.

This technique is incredible for strengthening the body and offering a balanced technical foundation which helps dancers to expand into other techniques smoothly from Horton.  Horton is known for it’s clean lines and “one line” movements and continuous awareness of the core.

Lester Horton’s technique was taught to Alvin Ailey, who adapted it and primarily used it at his company in New York City.

Kea Tesseyman trains at Alvin Ailey Extension with her modern dance mentor, Karen Arceneaux, who has taught Horton technique for many years at Ailey.  Kea plans to continue to grow the Horton classes at her studio in Maine as she continues to move further into her training with Ms. Arceneaux in NYC.

Horton Inspired for Teens/Adults: Wednesdays, 5:30 – 7:00pm (studio 1)

Beginners to Advanced Beginners

If you are younger than 12 and really wanting to join this class, please ask at the studio if you are technically ready to attend this class.

Spring Session V: April 22nd – June 15th