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Summer Dance Camp Part 1: July 9th – 12th

Dance Exploration for Kids! 

Learn a new dance style everyday, master choreography quickly and experience your personal connection through movement and find what inspires you!

Monday – Thursday / 9:00am – 12:00pm

Ages 7 – 11

Early Bird $165.00 ends June 28th / Regular: $180.00

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Summer Dance Camp Part 1: July 9th – 12th:

 Contemporary Intensive For Teens, Adults & the Aspiring Pre-Teens


1:00 – 4:00pm / Monday – Thursday

Ages 12 and up

Early Bird Discount: $190.00 Ends June 28th / Regular: $216.00

Master your body, mind and spirit through dance!

Enjoy physical conditioning, yoga, grounding body work, flexibility training and more.  Explore different contemporary forms and find new, creative ways to move your body.  Learn choreography and experience the magic of getting in your body with feeling, passion and technique.

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Summer Dance Camp Part 2: July 16th-20th

 Teen Hip Hop Fusions
w/ Physical Training & Excursions


9:00am – 4:00pm / Monday – Friday

Ages 12 and up

Early Bird: $345.00 ends July 5th / Regular: $385.00

A totally fun week-long experience, filled with camaraderie and the up-beat, high-intensity spirit
of hip hop!  Work out, stretch, watch videos for inspiration and style-study, hone musicality, learn choreography, and go on fun outdoor excursions.

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Summer Dance Camp Part 3: August 6th – 9th

Contemporary Hip Hop Fusion


Monday – Thursday

Kids: 9:00am – 12:00pm / Early Bird: $165.00 ends July 22nd / Regular: $180.00

Ages 7 – 11

Teens/Adults: 1:00 – 4:00pm / Early Bird: $190.00 ends July 22nd / Regular:  $216.00

Ages 12 and up

*Highly recommended for ALL aspiring dancers

Learn Director, choreographer and sixteen-year instructor, Kea Tesseyman’s, unique way of blending contemporary and hip hop together.  With flowing movement and technique, combined with isolations, pops, breakdancing, and other hip hop movements, focus solely on musicality and being totally in your body, in control, strong and fluid in everything you do.

This dance practice is incredibly useful for enhancing flexibility and core strength, since the movements take you in and out of challenging positions while maintaining length and balance.

Great for: kids who need to grow strength and physical control, and teens who wish to be “seasoned” in many styles of dance, and create their own personal style as a performer.

Do not allow the confines of one style hold you back from moving in every way you imagine and dream of dancing.  Be inspired by music and push past what you think you’re capable of.  Let it all go and be free in your body and on the floor.

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