Project Description

Class Description:

This class will combine all teen and adult hip hop students, beginners intermediates or advanced, to work on one full group number for the fall 2017. This will offer students foundational exercises in multiple styles of dance and give them a truly unique bonding experience with other dancers in the company. All students must learn foundation and technique at some point, and together it is a blast to grow and see one another thrive.


This also creates a “togetherness” not just in camaraderie, but in physical movement and consistency which is a primary goal in all classes for all choreography. The number we are creating is intricate and very exciting and will allow all dancers to feel highlighted as unique dancers, and also learn choreography in multiple hip hop styles in one cohesive number. Definitely a show opener!


FOR PERFORMERS: This class is focused on Grit & Grace III: May 2018

FOR NON-PERFORMERS: Dancers who do not wish to perform can still take this class and learn from all we teach, as we focus on foundation and technique primarily.

Teen/Adult Hip Hop


1) Early Bird Discount for 12-week session: $180.00

  • $15.00 rate per class

2) Regular Rate 12-week session: $216.00

  • $18.00 rate per class

3) 2-payments Rate, each 6-week partial session (Rate is $19.00 per class)

  • Payment 1: week of September 4th: $114.00
  • Payment 2: week of October 9th: $114.00

Checklist for your class

  • Indoor shoes/sneakers
  • Baggy Sweat pants and shirt
  • Hair ties
  • water