Teen Beg/Adv Beg Contemporary: Monday

//Teen Beg/Adv Beg Contemporary: Monday
Teen Beg/Adv Beg Contemporary: Monday 2018-08-27T04:57:21+00:00

Project Description

This is a slow paced, basic instructional class for all dancers wishing to learn contemporary dance.  We focus on teaching a general technical foundation comprised of ballet and modern techniques, supporting their contemporary dancing.  The emphasis is giving each student the basic foundation of technical ability and vocabulary so they can become confident in their movements, flow, floor work, balance, body awareness and are able to be choreographed and function smoothly in the higher level choreography classes.  There is  a major emphasis on physical conditioning to help each student become strong and physically able.  You have to start somewhere – and this is the class to begin with!

Beginner/Advanced Beginner Contemporary Teens

Mondays, 5:45 – 7:00pm (Studio 1)

Teen Adults) $18 Drop In fee per class

Full Session I: $119.00


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