Project Description

Class Description: All dancers, regardless of age or experience, will join this full-cast contemporary class and learn an incredible routine which fuses the best of Kea’s experiences with contemporary super stars from New York, ballet experts and the hip hop contemporary fusion Kea learned in Germany.

This class offers rigorous training and physical conditioning so each dancer can personally excel to their greatest potential, Kea plans to take each body and mind and mold it into a versatile, capable and expressive masterpiece. This truly allows the individuality and uniqueness of each participant the full room to grow and expand as the person they are through dance.

Kea is a strong believer that having a strong body, mind and spirit is the best way to feel empowered, free and full of self love. With the catalyst of important messages and evocative story telling created for the stage, the dancers have a safe-container to dive deep into themselves to pull out their own magic, while creating a team bond and “togetherness” with their fellow dancers, regardless of age or ability.

This season is going to be ON FIRE and a super-charged series for individual and group growth!

For all dancers who want to do amazing things on stage and want to know how? Kea says, “Show up to class and work with amazing effort, an open mind/body awareness, and a hunger for knowledge and you’ll see an amazing product!”

FOR PERFORMERS: This class is focused on Grit & Grace III: May 2018

FOR NON-PERFORMERS: Dancers who do not wish to perform can still take this class and learn from all we teach, as we focus on foundation and technique primarily.

Intermediate Contemporary: Thursdays, 5:45 – 7:00pm (Studio 1)


Checklist for Class

  • cotton socks calf length(not sports socks)
  • leggings or sweat shorts
  • knee pads (optional, can purchase through dance studio)
  • hair tie
  • water