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It is how we help groups and individuals UNLEASH AND RECLAIM OUR POWER THROUGH DANCE via a customized, choreographed dance piece that explores personal power limitations and how they hold us back in life.

Through this guided dance training, we express and overcome these limitations to build confidence and self-acceptance.

The program is complete when the dancer tells his/her story on stage, owns their power and in turn; inspires another.


It’s for ANYONE who has the URGE to dance and perform! Young, old, seasoned, or a newbie to dance.

It’s also for anyone who has the desire to look inside themselves for inspiration and to find the person inside they’ve always dreamed of becoming. We do this by focusing on self- acceptance and joy.

Go from being inspired by someone else


Our mission is to help YOU Unleash and Reclaim Your Power Through Dance. Our clients choose Power Performance for all sorts of reasons.

• Struggling moms trying to find their lost selves and bodies
• Older men / women regaining a joy they feel they have lost
• People wanting a sense of community / support
• People struggling with illness, recovery and traumA
• People who have overcome great strife and want to celebrate and share their story
• People who believe their personal story can help inspire and change anothers life
• and so many more reasons…

Our clientele experience a journey that they share with Kea (our incredible Instructor / Director ) who guides them through our Power Performance Method. It is an innovative practive that explores muscle memory, specific choreography to share the dancers story to complete the individuals training as they share their experience on stage and go from being Inspired to Inspiring. This vital process allows our clients to celebrate their journey, wins and losses and let the power limitation go.

Our clients can either do Private, One-On-One training with Kea Or do a Group Power Performance.
Both are rewarding, inspiring and create a life event you’ll never forget!

Train One-on-One with Kea to customize and craft a dance piece and short film that explores and celebrates YOU. We all have stories to share and they are all important.

Training One-on-One gives you the freedom to really collaborate and say what you want to say and express what your want to express in guided dance / choreography sessions. Kea will get to the root of your story and desires and create a masterpiece just for you.

This is the time in your life to do it for you. Don’t wait until tomorrow or next year. You are enough right now. You are important. Share with either an audience at our Annual Power Performance Dance and Film Event or at a Private Performance for friends and family in our studio. Its up to you!

Call us for an introductory call to answer all your questions and get you on the road to Unleashing and Reclaiming Your Power Through Dance.

Often people come to us looking for a way to Unleash and Reclaim their Power through Dance but feel overwhelmed by the thought of a duet or solo.

This is where GROUP POWER PERFORMANCES come into play. Group Power Performances are a way for people to connect to a community of men / women dancers who feel the need to express themselves through dance. We often have newbies as well as professionals in the same groups! This is about PEOPLE EXPRESSING THEMSELVES, becoming healthier and SUPPORTING ON ANOTHER.

This option is often in conjunction with a duet or solo Power Performance but not necessary. Reach out and find people who understand your need to dance. Your need to express yourself. Your need to reclaim your power through dance.