After a fantastic turn out of over 31 people signed up for the Power performance Pre-Season Training 4 week intensive, start date September 30th, I have just been mesmerized by the growth, excitement and eagerness to learn shown in each student, that has come with each new face and veteran dancer at at High Mountain Hall.

Now, after beginning the second week of this rigorous, but easily moderated training, we have been working with 25 people consistently who are claiming their power through dance, and taking matters into their own hands when it comes to moving their bodies in this new way.

Deep inside each individual resides a quiet voice, a strength that has not yet been honed, that has deeply craved to be seen, taught and lead.  Mothers, fathers, teens and young adults, strapping men and graceful women, all have stood together these past three of 8 2 hour sessions as they learn the way of the dancer  and our philosophy behind dance training, at our company.

We honor the drive and desire to dance.  Simple.  How you get there is entirely up to you. Yes, we help you to build a massive foundation of technique, style, and performance quality… but beneath that foundation is rooted something deeper.  The understanding of your mind, body and spirit communication.  A grounding to always start the class.  Opening yoga stretches and flowing movement to bring comfort and confidence into your stance. Constant lessons on anatomy and HOW to actually use your body properly the taught with ease and grace – how to use it dancing.  Physical conditioning to whip you into the best shape possible, followed by lessons on opening your own inner truth of how you feel daily during your routines in order to illuminate the brightest pathway to your inner strengths.  Drawing on your confidence in other areas of your life, which help assist you in the dance studio through interactive exercises, we blend choreography and story telling into a look in the mirror and opportunity to share what is really residing inside each special person.  As you step out side of your comfort zone and attempt to learn this thing called dance that you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, you are guided, skillfully taught, compassionately listened to, and pushed to your greatest potential.

We foster everyday people learning dance in an extraordinary yet digestible way.  With in a format that is unique, comprehensive and fun, we enable dancers to see themselves as they’ve always dreamed of, while diving into their passion for life with the drive for accomplishment and the ability to allow their spirits to soar.

We are growing and evolving human beings that must thrust ourselves into the unknown in order to reach new heights and create the seemingly impossible feat of just getting on stage under the lights.  This will happen if you want it to, and we, with Power Performance, will show you the way.


It’s not too late to be a part of this magical journey!

For information please fill out the registration form and we will contact you with in 24 hours!