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 July Summer Dance Camp & Training Intensives:

Monday 10th – Thursday 13th

Ages 6 – 11: 9:00am  – 12:00pm / Ages 12 & up: 12:30 – 3:30pm

Join us for an exciting 4-day dance camp intensive that is fun, educational and an excellent way for any aspiring dancer to grow in their ability and skill and reach for the next level in their dance training – and to have FUN!

General Overview of Syllabus:

  1. Each day we will focus on different styles, giving a brief history of that style which includes a major dance icon that brought that specific dance style/technique to the forefront of our awareness and education.
  2. We teach a basic foundation of relevant dance vocabulary and technique all students need to know, pertinent to the specific dance style of that day.
  3. We spend one day dancing on stage learning about performing, stage presence and the “ins and outs” of being on stage and in a show.
  4. We give a foundation of self-care, strength work and physical “maintenance” needed to be a dancer and maintain a dancer’s schedule.
  5. Finally, we give a whole new look at HOW you learn choreography and why using Kea’s method, can improve you as a dancer and open a whole source of confidence and positive-self talk.


Kea’s Choreo Method focuses on:

  • How to learn choreography quickly with no stress.
  • How to improve as a dancer through the process of learning choreography and combinations taught quickly in class.
  • Why choreography is used so much as the leading format in major dance studios around the world for student’s education in dance in conjunction with the class basics.
  • Why the brain and nervous system shuts down in high-stress situations and how to prevent your body from shutting down from that stress. (Simple techniques that can be applied anywhere in life)
  • Learning under pressure with the speed of movements taught and working with fear or negative self-talk that comes up when feeling defeated or frustrated (i.e. “I’m not getting this”, “I’m so bad at dancing”, “why am I even here”, “I suck at this”, “I can’t remember this”, “I bet I look so stupid trying”, etc etc)

There is so much more Kea wants to share with you about how her newly developed method of  choreography training can help so many dancers in more ways than just learning dance.  Kea believes from her own training, exposure to many different stress-reduction tactics and therapies, and her practical experience teaching with this method in classes, that this has been proved to help students to:

  • over ride their “stress-censors” allowing them to take in more information
  • pick up moves quickly and accurately
  • feel more confident about themselves and their dancing
  • feel like an absolute success after every class
  • how to apply this method to other areas in their life like testing, sports, relationships and more.  But, you have to comet to the dance camp to find out how!


What to Expect for:

  • The younger ages will receive the same amount of exposure to each dance style and choreography that fits their learning level, in a fun, light spirited format that keeps them engaged and plugged in all day long.
  • The teens who are aspiring to gain as much technical training as possible, will be given more information, receive more rigorous technical dance training, learn a higher volume of choreography and have different skill building exercises as a group.  This is still a very fun and exciting process, but it is definitely geared towards students who want to learn and grow as dancers in their technical ability, dance vocabulary and ability to learn choreography faster with more ease.


Sample Camp Schedule for a Day:

  • Hour one:  Warm up with blood pumping exercises, yoga stretches and strength work.  Then dive into the technique of that day while the body is all warm and yummy from the exercise.
  • Hour two:  Have a healthy power snack and water break while listening to a brief history overview of that dance style, how it became popular, who was the dancer that brought the style to light (like….Twyla Tharp, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Budastretch, the Rocksteady Crew, and more.) watch a video.
  • Hour three:  Select Goal Setting exercise: group or individual/ Review important technique and begin learning choreography for that dance style while applying Kea’s Choreo Method (on ongoing instruction over each day).
Kids Registration: 
Early Bird Discount, by June 15th: $120.00
Regular Registration: $144.00
Teens Registration: 
Early Bird Discount, by June 15th: $156.00
Regular Registration: $180.00
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