“Grit & Grace: JUST BE YOU!”
Camden Opera House, April 1st & 2nd only, 7:00pm.
Running time 1.5 hours.

“Your GRIT gets you through, Your GRACE inspires. Your dreams will come true when you JUST BE YOU!”

Come and experience a dance show that will inspire you to cheer, jump, shout, gasp, clap, sing along – and of course – get up and dance!

Watch the latest creation from Director/Choreographer Kea Tesseyman, as she brings to the stage again, relatable stories and messages told through inspiring dances. In these heart-pounding, entertaining and thought provoking movements, the dynamic pieces will show you the Grit & Grace of each dancer, and how claiming both, is the path to realizing their dreams through self acceptance.

The dance company, Kinetic Energy Alive Dance Productions, located right here in the heart of Midcoast Maine, demonstrates styles ranging from Jazz-Funk, inspired by some of the best in NYC, to contemporary, modern, hip hop, breakdancing and old school funk.

With high energy, lots of variety, this show is a great night out for the whole family. Showcasing beginners to advanced dancers, highlighted professionals, and ages 6 to 60, these students take the stage to share the sheer joy of dance, in hopes of inspiring the audience to get up and dance themselves.

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