Here is the inside scoop on our upcoming Dance & Short Film Event, “Power Performance:  Legacy Rising”

April 4th & 5th, Strom Auditorium, Friday & Saturday 7:00pm

Tickets are $15 in advance / $17 at door:  Doors open for seating at 6:30 – show begins promptly at 7!

Celebrating joy, courage, hope and faith, teens and adults unite to demonstrate their wide range of talent, interpretation of movement and love of dance!

Featured Power Performances:

A woman’s battle with Lyme disease….

The bright side of dancing through therapy…

A man’s recovery from heartache and finding the courage to love again…

A woman’s struggle with self-abuse and her courageous journey to heal…


We also have fun and up beat numbers such as an adult’s point of view of Hip Hop and her quest to bring back the old school, wholesome values of the dance style, a fantastic group of teens who just LOVE to dance (including footage of their trip to Boston with their Instructor Kea Tesseyman, to a real hip hop battle!


Hang on to your seat, because we have an amazing and powerful Theatrical Dance Installation prepared for you,  where we address the current issues of bullying and addiction and their effects.

By pin pointing how bullies are created, we break down how the cycle can be stopped and bring solutions to the different scenarios teens find themselves stuck in, which lead them to making dangerous choices, mis-guided and confused.  We address the more uncommon “Addictions” people don’t talk about like, technology, food, image, obsessions, and more.

 By offering solutions to said problems through the courage of friendship, forgiveness, love, mentorship and more, we take you on a journey throughout dances and short films that are weaved together, created authentically from raw interviews of our students and their personal experiences with bullying and seeing addiction take place around them.

Featured guest interviews sharing their expertise and experience are :

Kay Stephens, co-author of Cyberslammed: Understand, Prevent, Combat and Transform The Six Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics.   And Martial Arts Expert and Bullying Prevention Presenter, Chuck Nguyen.

All wrapped up into a seamless flow of innovative thinking, movement and consideration, Director Kea Tesseyman hopes to inspire others to see the benefits of dance AND team work, as she journeys along side her students growing and creating solutions to the problems that hold back all of our generations in today’s world.